Annemieke Tonnaer Photography | Nature made – human made
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Nature made – human made

About This Project

Nature is a 100% circular ecosystem, extremely creative at surviving climate changes and has 3.8 billion years of experience in refining and optimizing its smart designs. Why don’t we use nature more often as an inspiring source of knowledge?


Biomimicry is a science that studies nature’s models and uses nature to seek sustainable solutions for human challenges. The word ‘biomimicry’ literally means ‘imitating nature’. The core idea is that nature has already solved many of the problems and we should design our world by asking the question ‘What would nature do?’


It can be as simple as studying a leaf to invent a better solar cell or designing a sustainable building that is inspired by self-cooling termite hills. But it can also be more complex; getting inspired by an ecosystem as a tree or a complete forest to optimize a city or a building.


In this photography project I combine the beautiful and smart designs of nature with related products of our own man-made society to emphasize that these are not two different worlds but should be approached as one. I make connections between nature and our man-made society to inspire people to look for answers within nature to solve our sustainability problems for future generations.



Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity – Leonardo da vinci


Titles of photographs:

From a strong exoskelet shell to strong architectural constructions

From adhesive suckers of a squid to an adhesive bath mat

From efficient photosynthesis of a leaf to an efficient solar panel

From natural colors to natural pigments

From self-cleaning leaves to a self-cleaning car coating

From biodegradable shrimps to biodegradable bags

From a strong and robust honeycomb to strong cardboard boxes






Nature made - human made