Annemieke Tonnaer Photography | Old souls
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Old souls

About This Project

Old souls – mirror in time

In still lifes painted in the golden age, various objects are displayed. Every piece of crockery, glassware or eating utensils symbolizes excess, luxury, wisdom, etc. The objects were carefully crafted and selected by wealthy families at the time. With the same precision and attention, a composition was then made for a painting in which, in addition to the objects, the light and atmosphere also played an important role.

Over the years the utensils have lost their symbolic meaning. Owning it is no longer a luxury or something special. Mass production makes every store a large assortment available for everyone. Items are purchased with ease and thrown away with the same ease. Items are replaced if one is bored with it or if a more modern version becomes available.

With the concept “Old souls” I give the modern utensils the soul of its old version. By using a piece of mirror, the soul of the old and the new are linked together. A mirror itself is a symbol of consciousness and holds the soul or the life force within its reflection.


Old souls