I'm a conceptual photographer based in Deventer, The Netherlands. As a conceptual photographer, my photography project always starts with amazement and wondering. Usually, this is about a socially relevant topic, such as the use of social media or the relationship between human and nature. I immerse myself in the subject and this story becomes the source of a new photography project. The new impulses of knowledge, the different views regarding the subject, the amazement about the daily and self-evident things and the challenge to capture the story in a single powerful image, give me inspiration. By presenting the discovered new insights in a surrealistically realistic way, I hope to evoke amazement by you as well.

With my images I try to stimulate the viewer to think about his own relationship or opinion with respect to the subject: what is my relationship with nature? How do I present myself on social media?

Can I help you capture a story in an image? Please let me know, and together we will go on a journey to the core of your story and the all-telling image. I’m looking forward to meeting you and getting amazed by your story!

All the work on my website is for sale, please contact me if you are interested.

My motto is "There is no such thing as reality, there is only perception".


Illustrations in book 'In Beweging': 2022
Publication of a photo in Pf magazine with Diana Bokje, Sept 2021
Photography magazine SHOOT: November 2020, Belgium
Bookcover of the book 'Zeg me wat je zeggen wil': 2020
3rd price Urban Photorace: 2019: Rotterdam
Photography book 1250 jaar Deventer: 2017, Deventer
Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds Overijssel festival newspaper: 2017


External speeker for 'Koninklijke Fotobond', giving lectures and workshops to various photogroups: 2020 - now.
Curator for fotobond 'In the picture' #46, 2021

IJsselbiënnale: Exposition Nevengeul, June 2023, Zwolle
Bergkerk Deventer group exposition 'Refugium: April 2022, Deventer
Havezaete De Haere duo-exposition 'Dwarse Kaders': May 2022, Olst
Bergkerk Deventer 'In de staat van' exposition: June 2021, Deventer
Deventer Ziekenhuis exposition: January - March 2021, Deventer
Het Notarieel assignment: 2021, Deventer
In our nature festival exposition: Oct. 2019, Boxtel
One stop beyond exposition: June 2019, Amsterdam
Open Atelier Deventer exposition: Sept 2018, Deventer
IJsselbiënnale exposition: summer 2017, Deventer


Photographic Design (Fotovakschool), graduated with a 10: 2016 - 2019, Apeldoorn.
A member of the art group Platform Deventer Kunstenaars: 2020 - now, Deventer
Member of the Art Gallery 'New Dawn Gallery (https://newdawngallery.com/): 2021 - now

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