Annemieke Tonnaer Photography | About
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Love for conceptual photography

A few years ago I bought a camera and I took my first photos on a beautiful fall day in the forest. The combination of the autumn light and the colors of the leaves together with experimenting with my camera gave a great feeling. A new world opened up for me. After photographing mainly concerts, street theater festivals and other events, I lost something of this euphoric feeling. Recording the events no longer gave me the satisfaction I experienced on that autumn day.

I went in search of more depth in my pictures and I found it in conceptual photography and joined the Fotovakschool for a 3-year course. I graduated with a 10 in the direction of Photographic Design . I enjoy the process: immersing myself into the story I want to tell, making the translation of the story into visual language and then converting it into images. With the feeling that it all fits together and that the project becomes one, I was back to my original enthusiasm for photography on that autumn day.

Creating surrealistic realistic images, experimenting a lot and fully let the story define the outcome of my work characterize my work. The search for something that I have not yet done and the fitting of all elements into a total concept inspire and stimulate me me.

Annemieke Tonnaer