In the shadow of corona

In the shadow of corona

With the photography project 'In the shadow of corona' I visualize how people have experienced a year of corona very differently. Where there is shadow, there is also light: some people enjoy the peace, others miss numerous things in their lives and another person may look back on a period of illness and uncertainties. What characterizes your year with corona?

No1: I miss a lot of things in a life with corona, but enjoying being outside in nature and the peace of mind I experienced are things that I truly appreciated last year.

No2: What predominates is the great loss of not or hardly being able to make music with others for a year. Not working together towards a performance and not feeling each other's energy while making music together I missed the most.

No3: I don't like corona and I hate not being able to raise my hand to ask the teacher a question. Luckily, I still can play outside with my friends

No4: Corona has given me the insight that I need to lower the bar and be less of a perfectionist. Enjoying life starts with the little things.

No5: Corona has provided me insight in the importance of the social part of my work and that a good work-life balance is essential.

No6: If you have a lung disease and you can only walk with a backpack filled with oxygen and a walking stick Corona is very scary. Daily drawings of animals, creatures, beautiful ladies with red lips, etc. gave joy and inspiration to myself and all my followers on social media

no7: The period with corona has opened new doors for me, both literally and figuratively. The door to a new love,  a new job and a new house. The corona period ensured that I had the peace and time to enjoy this new start and to experience them intensively.

no8: When I got sick of the Corona virus I couldn't do anything. With the first energy I started an Art Project. I had asked people to give me something accidental; a spot, a branch, a stone, a photograph. I made a visual response to each object. It gave me energy and I enjoyed the process.


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