In the shadow of corona

With the photography project 'In the shadow of corona' I visualize how people have experienced a year of corona very differently. Where there is shadow, there is also light: some people enjoy the peace, others miss numerous things in their lives and another person may look back on a period of illness and uncertainties. What characterizes your year with corona?

No1: I miss a lot of things in a life with corona, but enjoying being outside in nature and the peace of mind I experienced are things that I truly appreciated last year.

No2: What predominates is the great loss of not or hardly being able to make music with others for a year. Not working together towards a performance and not feeling each other's energy while making music together I missed the most.

No3: I don't like corona and I hate not being able to raise my hand to ask the teacher a question. Luckily, I still can play outside with my friends

No4: Corona has given me the insight that I need to lower the bar and be less of a perfectionist. Enjoying life starts with the little things.


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