Smooth out the folds

Smooth out the folds

Smooth out the folds is a project is about disruptions in the landscape and the ecosystem by human intervention which we are now trying to restore; we are trying to smooth out what we have crumpled up.

Traditionally, the river ‘De IJssel’ had plenty of space. Over time, human has limited the natural landscape around the river and wedged it between ever higher dikes. Due to increasing rainfall and associated dike breaches, this form of human control is unsustainable. With the 'Ruimte voor de rivier' project, people have given the soil back to the river in order to regulate the extreme waterfall again. The original landscape is more or less restored by constructing side channels and removing dikes.

The same holds for other ecosystems: trees are being cut down in one part of the world and there are replanting actions in other parts. It will take years for this fresh planting to mature again, and the damage done may not be fully repaired. Animal and plant species that are extinct cannot be brought back.

The consequences of our actions will not all disappear anymore. Which 'wrinkles' disappear now that nature is recovering and what has been irreparably damaged?

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