Click, hold and drag the arrow in the middle-left side of the picture to the right side of the picture to interactively change between the world as presented on social media and the real world. Take a moment to experience what feeling the world as presented on social media gives you before you take a look at the real world for all pictures presented below. The first picture slides automatically, the next pictures you need to slide yourself.

How do you present yourself on social media? Is it fully compliant with your real life? A description of the concept is provided below the pictures.


Concept description

We all tend to share posts of our lives that are especially positive, inspirational or exciting. Consequently, we create a more positive version of our lives by displaying only the highlights of our lives. The summary of the posts we share do not represent the lives we really live. Dull and everyday moments are not worth sharing, neither are the down feelings nor the sad and lonely moments we encounter.

By polishing the image of our lives we create a distorted reality of the lives we really live.

#lifeisgood is a photography project to make you think about why and what you post on social media regarding your own life. Do your pictures and text always reflect the way you truly experienced the moment? Do you contribute to positive branding of your live? What do you include on your timeline and what parts do you leave out?

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination – John Lennon

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