Who are we fooling?

Who are we fooling?

Without nature there is no life for humans, plants and animals. For this logical reason, most of us find it important to be careful with our nature. However, changing our own behavior in order to achieve a sustainable society is not easy.

Our economic model in which we keep extracting new materials from nature and then carelessly dispose of them as if they were nothing is unsustainable. This is not new. Yet we seem to be looking away, consciously or not, of the environmental problems. We seem to prefer not to face reality as an inconvenient truth.

That does not prevent these extensive issues from hanging over our heads like a sword of Damocles. Why don't we dare to face it? Why don't we tackle it and drastically change our polluting behavior? Don't we know how? Are the consequences of changes affecting our comfortable life too much?

With this series of photos I want to make people think consciously about the question What can I contribute (even more) to a more sustainable society? What am I willing to change in my habits to live more environmentally consciously and to invest in the future?

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it – Robert Swan

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